Lounge Review: Eva Air Lounge, TPE T2

My partner is Star Alliance Gold so I am able to enter this lounge with him. we were actually here 2 weeks ago but took the right-side entry and this time we are on the left side. Much of a muchness – both are under par.

Little ambiance, dark, crowded

I say ‘under par’ as compared to the Air NZ lounge I was in the other night, which was bright and bubbly with excellent food, this is just the opposite.

The food here is not good; the sausages cold, the scrambled eggs runny, and overall the buffet is messy. It looks almost unhygienic 😳

But there are no other Star Alliance choices at TPE – the SQ Lounge is still closed (it has been all through COVID) and unless you are Diamond, you cannot access the Garden Lounge.

Priority Pass’s lounge here is much better.

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