Flight Review: BR 075 – TPE – BKK

I am sitting in Economy 😳 middle row aisle seat 25D on this Eva Air Boeing B787 flight bound for Bangkok. It is pretty crowded in this cabin, and a guy has taken off his shoes sitting next to be and it stinks 😡.

The seat is ok for this 3 and a bit hour flight, except the guy next to me is taking over the armrest…..there is an adequate TV monitor but an endless Eva Air add until we take off. And the green headphone wire connect to the seat in front is like something from the past….

I have pre-ordered a Seafood meal. It comes soon after take-off before the rest of the Economy passengers. The meal is fried battered fish in a chilly soy sauce with vegetables, a bread roll, fruit and yogurt. It is ok, except the guy in front has reclined his seat which makes eating challenging and uncomfortable. There is a brief drink service – wine and beer etc., but I only choose water.

For the rest of the flight I alternate between trying to sleep and watching a weird Korean movie called ‘Alienoid’ 😳.

We land later due to a delayed departure.

Rating: 6/10

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