Hotel Review: Dang Guei Guest House, Alishan, Taiwan

I am staying at this quaint guesthouse for the second time and have been upgraded to an Egyptian-themed corner room with sweeping views over the valley below.

Entrance way to room

The room is spacious yet sparse, with a double bed, chaise lounge, hot tub and shower, and separate toilet. There are fake Egyptian artifacts on the wall and in glass cases by the entrance.


We have dinner at the guest house on the first night – it is a hot pot set meal. It’s not too bad, not great either. The meat is frozen and the soup is a bit bland.

Breakfast is not much better. Just bread and toast on both days. And various kinds of packet tea and coffee. No fruit, no salad. Just bread 😳

The guest house’s owner is a Japanophile and has a Karaoke system in the dining/lounge area which we make use of for an hour each night.

If I go back to Alishan again I’ll probably try a new place to stay.

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