Flight Review: SQ164 – SIN – REP

I am sitting in seat 41A. A window seat in the first row of the economy cabin on the Singapore Airlines Boeing B737-8 aircraft bound for Siem Reap. It is quite spacious with ample leg room and a monitor on the wall in front.

Shortly after take-off the meal service comes. I have pre-ordered a Kosher meal which is huge in comparison to the standard meals that come around. I now know I will be ordering Kosher meals on flights on infra-Asian flights.

Unfortunate during the flight I suddenly get a massive migraine – something I have never experienced before, luckily though I have some cold and flu medicine and that seems to do the trick within 30 mins of taking the tablets.

It’s a short flight and we arrive a little late.

Rating: 7/10

One thought on “Flight Review: SQ164 – SIN – REP

  1. 737-8 is what they’re calling the Max these days right? So as not to scare people off. Gets confusing with the 737-8 and 737-800. How were the crew? Are they still like SilkAir standard of have they elevated to Singapore Airlines quality? Meal looks terrific!

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