Hotel Review: Mason De Chine Hotel, Jiaoxi, Taiwan

I am staying here overnight as part of a group tour cycling through northern Taiwan on a charity ride.

The Jiaoxi area of Yilan is well known for its famous thermal hotsprings, and my twin room has a private bath that can be filled with thermal spring water. Unlike Beitou and other hot spring districts, the water here is odourless and has no taste.

After requesting an early check-in from the front desk, I make my way to the 5th floor of the hotel. The room is very big, with two king-sized double beds, TV and work desk, seperate bath tub and shower, and tea/coffee facilities.

The hotel features an outdoor pool and water jet therapeutic area, sauna, and kids area (who of course I avoid). It is a nice respite after a day of cycling.

Breakfast is included in the morning and is nothing special. I do a quick round and don’t go back for seconds.

Service though is excellent. My friend has an issue with her car (dead battery) and the concierge (Hunter is his name) organises for a taxi to come in the torrential rain to jump start the car).

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