Flight Review: BR 513 – TPE – BNE

I am sitting in Business class seat 3D on this B787 Eva Air flight from Taipei to Brisbane. I think it must be the new generation long haul business class seats – much wider and bigger than the previous generation – similar to those on SQ.

It’s all a bit rushed and haphazard at the beginning with flight attendants running amok doing what they do trying to greet and assist passengers whilst attempting to deliver their well-known service.

Upon sitting in my seat I am greeted by a flight attendant who confirms my pre-ordered meals, and takes my pre-departure drink menu (a green tea smoothie of sorts) which is quite nice.

About an hour into the flight lunch is served. It starts with a passionfruit cocktail and then the Eva Air business class Sky Gourmet service begins. The ‘Prelude’ is Cream Cheese Stuffed Mushroom and Egg Crepe roll with Smoked Duck and Apricot Compote, served with bread and condiments. It’s quite good. I have pre-ordered a Rack of Lamb which is excellent, and have this with a glass of 2014 Spanish Red wine. Dessert is delicious – Fruit served with Apricot Tart and Oriental Beauty Tea Jelly. A Baileys Irish Cream finished it off.

I watch one of the best movies this year – Bullet Train starring Brad Pitt and others. It reminds me of the Kill Bill series and is set on a bullet train in Japan.

Two hours before landing, the second meal service is served. I opt for the traditional Taiwanese beef noodles, which comes with traditional condiments and enjoy this with a Vodka Martini.

The flight arrives on time.

Rating: 7.5/10

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