Lounge Review: Eva Air Lounge, TPE

I have gained access to this lounge with a Singapore Airlines Business class ticket (the SQ lounge is closed thanks to Covid).

It is absolutely dead – there is maybe one other guest, and about 10 staff either on their phones or scuttling about. The ambience is basically zero.

There is no buffet, again thanks to Covid, but you can scan a very small menu of food to order. I am not really hungry and want to try something so order the pasta from the ‘gourmet’ selection. It comes literally 2 mins later to my table on economy foil airplane containers 😅.

Not so ‘gourmet’ 😳

I ask if there is any wine and am handed a menu. I choose a French Red and when it comes, it it served in a plastic disposable cup.

How times have changed 😅

I’m not complaining but when I compare this lounge to 2 year’s ago, I notice an incredible change that has occurred. This lounge used to be one of the best at the airport; great food, a fine selection of drinks, glasswear and china plates.

Covid has all but destroyed it.

Meanwhile, Plaza Premium is amazing!

Beef short ribs at Plaza Premium TPE

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