Flight Review: BR216 – SIN – TPE

I am sitting in seat 57H, an aisle seat, on this EVA Airlines B777-300ER flight bound for Taipei. It is a full flight, but service is swift and efficient at all times.

The seat is equipped with a large touch screen monitor and USB charger, and due to the strange position of my seat (see pic) it reclines more than usual with no seat behind.

Shortly after take-off a drink and hot towel service begins, and I have a vodka cranberry – lord knows why, I never drink it and don’t enjoy it this time. It is at this time that I watch an Italian movie about a spoilt soccer player called, ‘The Champions”.

There is a choice of chicken or fish for dinner and I go with the former which is served with mashed potatoes and vegetables and is quite good. A glass of red goes well with this.

I am getting a little tired of flying and can’t wait until this 4.5 hour flight lands.

Rating: 8/10

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