Lounge Review: Eva Air Lounge, BKK

Even though my next flight is in Business Class on Thai Airways, I decide to enter the EVA Air (Star Alliance) lounge as all the Thai ones are pretty crap.

This lounge is modern, colourful, and reasonably quiet, with an excellent food and drinks selection.

But for me, the number one attraction are the two private rest areas with Osim massage chairs. Luckily a room is empty, and I enjoy 5 x 15 massage courses lasting 1.5 hours!

Private room

I am not hungry having eaten in the lounge in Singapore, then on the plane, and know I’ll be eating again shortly, so just enjoy a small mango sticky rice and a water.

Hits the spot!

I have about 30 minutes until boarding, so finish an episode of ‘Stranger Things’ before I leave.

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