Flight Review: SQ974 – SIN – BKK

It’s been a while since I last flew SQ. And it’s great to be doing so having been flying LCCs for the past few weeks.

I am originally sitting in seat 33K, a window seat, on this Singapore Airlines A330-300 aircraft bound for Bangkok. But after take-off I move to aisle seat 33F which had an additional 2 vacant seats next to it. Nice to have lots of room for once.

Shortly after take-off the wet towel service comes, followed by my pre-ordered Hindu non-veg meal, which comes with a filled roti-style flat bread. It is quite good, and ends with a caramel-chocolate. I enjoy this with a Singapore Sling.

I watch a comedy starting Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson. It’s OK, and when finished watch a doco on Cuban Food (I’ll be there the week after next).

Service as expected is exceptional, and this short 2-hour flight is over before I know it.

Rating: 8.5/10

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