Lounge Review: DNATA Lounge, Changi T1

There is a lot of noise outside with the building of the new Qantas First Class Lounge, but once inside, it is a picture of serenity. Yes, the DNATA Lounge is a little oasis on the second floor of T1, and this morning, at 8am, it is empty.

I find a spot towards the very back of this large lounge and then make my way to the buffet and grab some Japanese beef curry, rice, a shumai, and a double espresso. All good.

Back at the table I have chosen I read the Sunday Times cover to cover for about an hour, whilst noticing there is still no-one else in sight.

I feel like a king for just over an hour before making my way to the gate.

Thanks Priority Pass. Actually no, I should say Citibank Prestige Card (Thailand) for the unlimited membership of PP that comes with the card.

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