Lounge Review: Oman Lounge, BKK

Still loving this lounge. It seems to get better each time. It is absolutely empty but service and more importantly, the food, is 100% on par!

I enter this lounge using my Priority Pass unlimited access membership and, after putting my bags down, make an unnecessary dash to the buffet. I am starving and the Middle Eastern food choices are magnetically drawing me towards them.

I pile my plate(s) with a hearty selection including pita bread, Babganush, Hummus, kebabs, pistachio cakes, dates, olives, and more! And a glass of sparkling pink curvee followed by a coffee with a dash of Baileys.

This is seriously hands down the best Priority Pass ‘Airline’ lounge I have encountered. Well, I am biased – I’m a sucker for Middle Eastern food…..

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