Flight Review: TG402- SIN – BKK

I am sitting in seat 32C on this Thai Airways Boeing 777-300 aircraft bound for Bangkok. My flight was purchased using just 9000 Avianca (Star Alliance) miles + about USD 40 tax.

Even though I have no major status with Thai Airways (Silver ROP), I am pre-assigned this seat which has no seat in front, giving endless legroom. Additionally, seats A and B are also unoccupied giving me the whole row to myself.

Shortly after take-off the meal service starts and I have pre-ordered a Seafood meal, which is quite tasty and comes out first. Fried seafood noodles, fruit salad and yogurt, a roll, and coffee.

I watch half of a new movie about an ex-criminal who lands a job looking after a billionaire quadraplegic, starring Nicole Kidman. I also use the short flight (just over 2 hours) to charge my phone which was nearly empty on boarding.

It’s an easy flight and we arrive 15 mins before scheduled arrival.

Rating: 9/10

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