Lounge Review: Plaza Premium, Changi T1

One of the quickest pit stops in the 7-year history of writing this blog – a mere 15 minutes including blog writing time.

It is 7am and boarding starts at…. 7 am, but desperately want a coffee. Why pay for one when I have an all-access Priority Pass?

I hand over my card and a Trainee spends an unnecessary 4 minutes checking me in, but my. patience kicks in and I offer a warm smile when she hands it back to me so I can enter.

I make a bee-line to the coffee machine and whilst my espresso is brewing, I dash to the buffet counter to pick up a Danish.

Done! I gulp it down, take a quick look around and realise a bit more time would have been nice. It’s a lovely lounge with a great atmosphere. Quiet, secluded, and warm.

Oh dear – boarding call! And I’m off……

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