Arnold Villes Spring Hotel, Yilan, Taiwan

Yilan is a hot spring resort town about an hour away by high speed train from Taipei Main Station. It is then a further 7 minute brisk walk from the local train station to the hotel. Brisk, as it was raining quite heavily….

We have pre-booked the highest grade villa 2-story suite which, although dated, is huge with two large hot spring bathtubs (one is almost pool-sized on the upstairs outdoor terrace), two TVs (with a number of international channels), and a king-sized bed.

The hotel also features a hydrotherapy pool with spa jets, steam and sauna rooms. Some. of the jets though, are not working.

Breakfast on both days is included and has a number of home made local and international dishes. Nothing to scream out about, but hits the spot nonetheless.

The online deal was pretty good, but if I was to come back to Yilan, I’d probably book another hotel.

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