Flight Review: SQ879 – TPE – SIN

My partner has generously donated yet another parcel of miles, in this case 30K SQ miles, for me to fly back to Singapore on a Standard Award. Although we are under two separate bookings, we manage to both score Emergency Exit seats 48A and C next to each other on this Airbus A330-300 (?) bound for Singapore.

Shortly after take off the menus and wet towel service begins, followed by a drink service (Singapore Sling for me) and some mixed nuts. Then cabin silence for a good 1.5 hours before the meal service comes around. I order the Kang Pou Chicken which is OK with a glass of red.

I watch a couple of episodes of The X Files and take in the view from the window before stretching out for a nap which takes me through to the last 25 minutes before landing.

Rating: 7.5/10

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