BR226 – SIN – TPE (Premium Economy)

I am originally sitting in seat 21A on this EVA Airlines Boeing 777-300 ER flight bound for Taipei, but notice bulkhead seats I and K are available and ask if I can move. Lucky, all passengers are on board and doors have shut. So I grab the bulkhead window seat for the duration of the flight.

We take off about 25 minutes behind schedule (resulting in a slightly late arrival). After the seat belt sign is distinguished, wet towel packets, menus, and immigration cards are passed out.

Being Premium Economy the seat is slightly larger, wider, and reclines further. Over-ear semi-noise cancelling headphones, thicker blankets, larger screen, and a more extensive menu is offered.

After the first drink service comes around (I have a Mojito and mixed nuts), the meal service begins, and I choose the spicy beef with turnip. It is delicious. A glass of French red matches perfectly. The mousse dessert is enjoyed with a Baileys (or two) on ice.

I watch a fantastic new release, ‘The Wedding Guest’ starring Dev Patel, before reclining into a pretty sleep for about 2 hours.

Oh – the PE dedicated bathrooms have nice products too – aromatherapy face mist and the like.

Overall a great flight but could have been improved with the flight attendants being more attentive bringing water around. I woke up from my sleep quite parched.

Rating: 8.5/10

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