Lounge Review: Ambassador Lounge, Changi T3

I have decided to use my Priority Pass at this lounge today, mainly because I haven’t entered before. It is actually a lovely, calm and peaceful space, with warm staff, a small selection of hot and cold food, and overall a gentle ambiance.

Upon entering I am given 2 vouchers for alcoholic beverages but only end up using one of them for a glass of Tiger beer.

The buffet selection has pasta, a curry or two, and a delicious sambal fish. I sample a few things but take it easy in anticipation of my Premium Economy Eva Air flight boarding in an hour or so.

For me though, the standout attraction is the large window to the butterfly garden. Beautiful! Literally hundreds of butterflies fluttering about metres in front of you with a gorgeous waterfall.

I only end up staying here for a quick bite and leave after 45 mins to explore this part of the airport a bit more.

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