Lounge Review: DNATA Lounge, Changi T3

Back at Changi Airport for the 4th time in as many weeks; this time off to Tokyo. I have a few minutes to spare before boarding and being 6.50am can do with a proper coffee.My preferred lounge at T3, SATS, seems crowded so I decide to enter DNATA instead (all thanks to my unlimited entry Priority Pass, free with my Thailand-based Citi Oresitge card) .It also has a really nice view of the tarmac.Good choice – it is empty, and the buffet is full. But all I really want is a coffee but yet can’t resist a morsel or two of the buffet’s offerings.My double espresso is enjoyed with a chicken mayo French roll, a couple of Ha Gau dumplings, and a Cha Sui bun.Literally after 15 mins I make my way to the gate.

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