Flight Review: BR0225 – TPE – SIN (Hello Kitty)

I am sitting in Emergency Exit seat 60J on this Airbus A330-200 (I think) Eva Air ‘Hello Kitty’ flight from Taipei to Singapore.

Everything about the flight from the exterior liverage to the interior pillows, seat headrests, and plastic blue meal cutlery and trays, screams Sanrio’s Helly Kitty.

I must admit I find it wierd, but then again this is apparently the most popular plane in the Eva Air Fleet.

As per normal Eva Air flights this one starts with with the menu being handed out and immigration cards passed around prior to take-off (note: no hot wet towel).

Once in the air, the meal service begins and I choose the sweet and sour chicken from the limited menu. It’s not that great and comes. with a dry bread roll, fruit and yogurt.

Being an emergency exit seat with plenty of leg room, my AV screen comes out from the bottom side of the seat. There is not a great movie selection so instead watch a few episodes of a new legal drama (forget the name) which is pretty good.

Service throughout the flight is good, and the flight attendants pretty much are happy to assist when asked.

We take off slightly late but manage to land on time.

Rating: 7.5/10

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