Lounge Review: Eva Air The Club, TPE

A super quick stop at this smaller lounge at Taoyuan International Airport, Taipei.

My partner and I are flying Eva Air shortly and utilise his Singapore Airlines Gold Status to enter this Star Alliance lounge.

As we enter we are told there is a better lounge with more facilities further down, but we are short of time so enter.

It is indeed small, but quiet and cosy. The ambiance is typical of Eva Air Lounges – shiny black interiors with flashy neon signage. No music, very low key.

There is a simple buffet with some western and Taiwanese hot and cold snacks. I don’t eat anything (it’s been non-stop eating in Taipei 🙄) so have a small digestive drink instead.

WiFi is good but I have some data left on my StarHub plan so use that instead to do some last minute emails before the flight back home.

So after literally 10 mins we make our way to the gate.

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