Lounge Review: SATS Premier Lounge, Changi T3

It’s an easy decision – my Priority Pass gives me access to either the DNATA Lounge or this one, and SATS at T3 is far superior in terms of the ambiance, service, and food offerings.

Or so I thought…

The food at the buffet is not as good as I had hoped, probably because it is still breakfast and the standard pre-made scrambled eggs, veal sausages, cereals and the like are the only offerings. Had it been lunchtime the selection would have been vastly superior.

Nonetheless I try an Indian Roti with some vegetable curry and a sandwich. I am ‘into’ Mocha coffees at the moment so have one of those as well.

I don’t spend too much time here, there is some cleaning and vacuuming going on, so leave earlier than expected and head to the gate.

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