Flight Review: AK1729 – PEN – SIN

I am sitting (or rather laying) in seats 21 D – F on this Air Asia Airbus A320-200, aircraft bound for Singapore. Yes, the plane is totally full but miraculously I have a whole row to myself. No idea how I lucked out with this one. Not complaining either.

As with the flight over, there are no in-seat amenities but WiFi streams to your device, and there is an extensive and cheap menu should you wish to order. I don’t, having eaten all day and more recently in the lounge.

I do thought snack on a few cashew and walnuts I brought on board to eat whilst watching a new Korean drama I downloaded onto my iPad.

The flugtt is about an hour, and we take-off and land to schedule.

Rating: 9/10 (very high for a LCC)

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