Flight Review: TR588 – SIN – MLE

I am sitting in aisle seat 15D, approximately in the middle of the cabin on this Scoot Airlines A320 aircraft bound for Male in the Maldives.

Being a LCC, the seats have absolutely no functionality whatsoever except for an ever-so-slight recline and a large folding tray table.

So what to do on this 4 hour 20 min flight? For a start my iPad comes in handy, preloaded with entertainment. There are also 3 inflight reading materials – the Scoot magazine, a duty free catalogue, and the equally as thick Scoot Cafe menu book, all at heavily inflated prices (think USD 4 for a can of Diet Coke or packet coffee).

The seats are hard and uncomfortable. And with no blankets or pillows provided, and an unnecessarily cold cabin temperature, sleeping is almost impossible.

The flight attendants do their best with the limited amenities on hand.

Although we depart late, we manage to land on time.

Rating: 6/10

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