Lounge Review: SATS Premier Lounge, Changi T2

Surprisingly this is my first time to enter this lounge. Usually I would use my Priority Pass to go to the DNATA Lounge but there isn’t one at T2.

As I enter the sanctuary I notice it is very busy, and find it difficult to get a place to sit. Finally one becomes available and I grab it, pop down my carry-on, and head to the buffet.

There is quite a good choice of Singapore favourites such as Chicken-Rice, and some Indian dishes, as well as salads and a cheese platter (of sorts).

A glass of French Cab Sav goes well with my chosen dishes and I spend a few minutes merrily ‘eating’ on my way until a lady asks if the seat next to me is taken as the area she was sitting in had cockroaches scuttling about. Yuck.

Before I know it, boarding time arrives, and I am off.

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