Lounge Review: The Qantas Lounge, Changi T1, Singapore

I can’t remember the last time I was here – surely a good 6 months or more ago. Nothing has changed. Some. New staff, and notices of expansion, but that’s it.

As soon as I enter at around 3.30pm just after opening on my Qantas Club Silver membership (I am no longer Gold), I make a beeline to the buffet and choose a couple of dishes. I was hoping for stewed lamb, but there is none today. The A La Carte menu is a ‘lemongrass fragrance chicken ball’ soup, and a radish and prawn omelette. Both are delicious. I wash them down with a Vodka Martini. Soon after I choose some desserts with a coffee and straight Baileys. Yum.

As I am taking an evening flight, I decide to take a shower in one of the fully equipped shower rooms, and then, feeling refreshed, leave the lounge as it starts to fill up quite rapidly around 5.30pm.

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