Flight Review: UL307 – CMB – SIN (Business Class)

I have been upgraded again on my return flight due to my ‘winning bid’ of SGD 240 on this Sri Lankan Airlines Airbus A320 flight to Singapore.

I am sitting in seat 1F, a window seat in the first row of Business Class. The seat is similar to the one coming over; but seems to have some additional functionality and differences. For example there is no AV screen hidden in the armrest, instead it is attached to the bulkhead in front of me.

All business class passangers board a separate bus to the plane, and upon sitting down, hot towels, pre take-off drinks, and the menu is handed out. I have a glass of Champagne and choose the ‘Lamb Do Pyaza’ for my main. The meal service starts with another drink (in my case a Chilean red) and cashew nuts.

The meal is quite nice; it comes with a Baba Ganoush salad entree, and ends with a Chocolate Sacher cake. I enjoy this with another Carmen Gran Reserva Carmenere 2016 (Chile), and then a coffee and Baileys.

I don’t watch anything from the entertainment selection; instead I finish a Korean movie downloaded on my iPad. After which I manage to sleep for a good 2 hours with the seat in a cradle position.

I wake up 30 minutes before landing with a hot towel that is handed to me.

We. land on time.

Rating: 8/10

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