Flight Review: NH801 – NRT – SIN

I am flying back to Singapore this time from Narita airport (having arrived at HND), on this ANA Dreamliner 787 flight.

My seat is uncharacteristically a window seat, 30A, in a 3x3x3 configuration.

Compared to the flight over, this one pars in comparison. Being a late flight (arriving in Singapore at 12.30am) I am hoping to sleep, but my Economy class seat just doesn’t work for me.

About an hour after we are in the air, and 30 mins after initial drink service, our meals come and we have a choice of Japanese and Western styles. Having been eating Japanese food for the past few days I opt for Western and it is a good choice consisting of a Chicken Hamburger as the main.

I watch ‘Predator’ on the AV screen then resort to my iPad when there is nothing else interesting to see on the AV system.

Overall service is OK – nothing special. The big hiccup is our row being forgotten during drink service and having to wait an extra 25 mins when the mistake is realised by flight crew.

Rating: 7.5/10

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