Lounge Review: DNATA Lounge, Changi T3

This is my second visit to this lounge and perhaps because this time it is early morning I am able to enjoy the experience more.

It is quieter, the breakfast selection is ample, and the check-in experience has vastly improved.

In hindsight I should retract ‘it is quieter’ – a couple of guests on either side of the lounge are speaker at a volume louder than necessary.

After finding a place to sit down by the tarmac window, I make my way to the buffet and toast a slice of wholemeal bread and top it with scrambled eggs. Next I brew a double espresso and enjoy my breakfast.

Not sure how strong the Internet is as I use my mobile data instead and spend the time surfing the net and seeing what job opportunities are available – my job was made redundant a few months back. As a result I have decided to travel for the next few weeks so stayed tuned.

oh yes and I have renamed my blog to hotelandairlines.blog 😊

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