Flight Review: NH842 – SIN – HND

I am sitting in seat 33C, an aisle seat, on this All Nippon Airways Boeing B787 flight bound for Tokyo, Japan. Although row 33, it is very far towards the back of the aircraft. I am not sure how the numbering works – usually Economy is from rows 31 onwards, but not on this plane. There seems to be 3 cabin classes so this could be why.

The is fully functional with all the required hardware and gadgets, with ample footspace and a footrest.

About 30 minutes after take-off service begins with a hot towel, followed by drinks. There is quite an extensive menu and I choose an ‘Ichinokura Tokubetsu Junmai Sake (Dry)’. Its smooth.

As I am so far back in the cabin, I want to make sure I can have the Japanese menu on this flight attendant to ‘pre-reserve’ one for me. She obliges.

I am glad I chose it as it is delicious and there is so much. Two salads (one green and one coleslaw), cheese and crackers, soba noodles, a main of ‘Oyakodon’ chicken with rice, and salted caramal ice cream. By the end of it I am full.

For most of the 6 hour flight I watch a movie, ‘Venom’, and then the ‘Best of Nodojiman (I can sing in Japanese)’ from the past few years. I was actually invited to sing (Me on Japanese TV) on the program a few years ago, but came in second so was not featured on this ‘The Best of….’ episode.

About an hour before landing we are offered a drink and a Danish which I accept but place in my bag for later as I am still full.

Service is excellent, as is expected for a Japanese 5-star airline. Oh and the toilets even have a Japanese style Bidet!

Rating: 9.5/10

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