Lounge Review: Krisflyer Gold Lounge, Changi T2

It has been ages since I was last in this lounge and I don’t miss it. It is very dark and dreary, no music or atmosphere at all. Just a dull gold hue across the lounge.

I can enter as I am flying ANA shortly, and use my Air New Zealand Gold membership to enter this Singapore Airlines Gold Star Alliance lounge.

The food is minimal – there are sections missing from the buffet – not sure why – no fruit or any vegetables to be seen. A beehoon noodle dish, a few dry croissants, a couple of boiled eggs, a pot of chicken congee, and hashed browns.

Thank goodness the coffee machines are working and the coffee that comes out is not bad. The other food I have taken is very salty.

As I am writing this the music starts – an awful version of ‘Tonight I Celebrate My Love For You’.

WiFi is strong and I take the opportunity to write this review.

Next time I’ll use my PP pass and use the SATS or DNATA Lounge instead.

2 thoughts on “Lounge Review: Krisflyer Gold Lounge, Changi T2

  1. You’ve been too kind it’s terrible – really embarrassing for SQ given its the home lounge.

    If that’s my choice i’d rather pay and go to Starbucks or Pret for my pre-flight snacks!

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