Flight Review: SQ875 – TPE – SIN

I am sitting in Emergency Exit seat 48C on this Airbus A330-300 Singapore Airlines flight bound for Singapore.

There is plenty of leg room with no seats in front, and being slim myself, the width is fine. I always try to get an EE seat when flying on SQ as I find generally the legroom is not ample.

As this is an EE seat, the video monitor pops up from under the seat so passangers sitting in this seat are unable to use the AV system until after take-off.

Prior to takeoff a hot towel service comes around followed by a menu serving both a Western and Oriental selection. I have pre-ordered a Hindu Meal so I’m taken care of.

Shortly after take-off the drinks service comes around and I order a signature Singapore Sling which comes with a packet of nuts. This is followed by my meal which is delicious – masala chicken and lady finger curry with rice and roti, yogurt, a fish salad, and an Indian rice dessert.

I watch 3 episodes of a Korean drama, “What’s up with Secretary Kim”, which makes the 4 hour-plus journey go quickly.

We land pretty much on time.

Rating: 9/10

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