Lounge Review: Eva Air Infinity Lounge, Taoyuan International Airport (TPE), Taipei

I think I have been here before – I vaguely remember that it was either this one or the sister lounge opposite. There are a number of them here and the offerings seem to be the same but the interior and atmosphere are slightly different. Good choice though that I am in this one as it is very quiet and almost empty.

Caution: the following could be confusing…………

Even though I am flying Singapore Airlines later today, I am able to enter this Eva Air lounge thanks to my temporary Air New Zealand Gold status. All 3 airlines are members of Star Alliance and have reciprocal entry rights.

I make my way to an empty area and find a seat, and then head for the buffet. But I am not particularly hungry having just eaten lunch, so go for a Chinese New Year steamed bun, a mandarin, and a small glass of German white wine. It’s kind of a shame as the food here looks pretty good. I have a while before I board so might try out the SQ Lounge as well later on.

Wifi here is strong, and the ambiance is, well, Chinese I guess, with Chinese Operatic music gently piping through the speakers.

OK – I’ve spent enough time in here. Ready to move on.

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