Flight Review: BR0202 – BKK – TPE (Business Class).

Fun fact – I am on flight BR 0202 on Feb 2nd – that’s 02020202 😜.

I am sitting in Business Class seat 2G, an aisle seat in a 1-2-1 configured cabin on this Eva Air Boeing 777-300 ER flight bound for Taipei.

As soon as I am seated a friendly flight attendant welcomes me on board and asks me how I would like to be addressed. For the remainder of the flight she doesn’t skip a beat and calls me by my name every time. She offers me a pre-takeoff beverage of Champagne, then asks my meal choice and pre-meal drink order (Vodka Martini for me).

Whilst the meal service is being delivered, I start to watch ‘Boy Erased’ starring some high powered Aussie actors.


have chosen Braised Beef Cheek as my main which comes with seasonal vegetables and Gratin Dauphinois. The Hors D’oeuvre is Squid Stuffed with chicken and mushroom in Basil Pesto, and a dessert of banana caramel coffee, cheese and fruit. I enjoy this with an Argentinian Aguaribay Malbec 2016 Mendoza (red). It is quite good.

I don’t finish the movie, as the small amount of alcohol has made me sleepy and I extend the seat into a bed position, and sleep for about an hour. I wake up just before landing and the cabin has transformed into a starry night – very pretty.

We land pretty much on time.

Rating: 8.5/10

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