Hotel Review: Citizen M, Taipei

Quirky hotel just a few minutes walk from the North Gate exit of Taipei main station, this is my second stay at this brand, the first time being a couple of years ago in Amsterdam.

Check-in is similarly self-service, and after punching in a few booking details, scanning your passport, and scanning a luggage-tag key, you are all set to go.

The room is a box, literally, but decked out in such a way that it doesn’t seem too claustrophobic. Although we ask for a bigger room, we are told (and this is confirmed by looking on the website) that all rooms are exactly the same size. The corner view from the 23rd floor is spectacular though. There is an iPad which acts as the master controller for the room, for aircon, lighting, TV, and other things as well.

All required amenities are provided, and each has a quirky little saying which is characteristic of the branding of the hotel.

Breakfast is reasonable, and is served by super friendly staff – in fact they must have a Millennial-only hiring policy as they all seem to be so young and happy to be working there.

The overall ambiance of the hotel is chick, cool, and trendy, with interesting artwork adorning the walls on each floor. The chill-out communal area has 4 Apple PCs with huge screens so I catch an episode or 2 of Netflix during my downtime.

Not sure if I would stay here again, simply due to the size of the rooms only.

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