Lounge Review: Eva Air Lounge, BKK

I am soon flying Business Class on Eva Air and therefore gain entry into one of the best airline lounges at this airport (the best being the sometimes overcrowded SQ Lounge).

After quickly finding a comfortable retro-looking lounge chair to sit in, I make my way to the food section but decide I’m only going to have desserty things as no doubt I’ll soon be enjoying a sumptuous meal on board.

So I settled for mango sticky rice, a coffee, and a white almond Magnum ice cream.

The bathrooms in this lounge are awesome (for bathrooms 😉) despite being very clean, they offer views of the planes and even have wash let’s in the cubicles.

There is also a dedicated relaxation area with two electric massage chairs which I utilise for about 30 mins.

Staff are very friendly, there is some cool Jazz piping through the speakers, and the WiFi is strong.

A great chillax hangout before the flight.

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