Lounge Review: Sapphire Lounge – CGK International Airport

This lounge is actually a Plaza Premium co-branded lounge at Jakarta International. I am entering this lounge not on my PP, but on my First Class ticket coming up on SQ, as there is no dedicated Singapore Airlines Lounge at this airport.

Although quite empty, it is a huge lounge, almost like a Tardis as it seems much bigger on the inside as opposed to looking from outside.

The first thing I do is take a quick shower, very basic with few amenities, and then to a small buffet to satisfy my early morning hunger. Then it’s off to the bar for a couple of barista-made double espressos with a dash of steamed milk.

WiFi is strong here, so spend an hour or so catching up on things, and some online surfing from a dedicated private pod.

And its off to the gate….

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