Flight Review: SQ953 – CGK – SIN (First Class)

I am sitting in First Class seat 1A on this Singapore Airlines B777-300 flight bound for Singapore. The whole fare – Business Class on ANA from Haneda (Tokyo) to Jakarta, and then this First Class flight on Singapore Airlines from Jakarta to Singapore was only 38500 Avianca (Star Alliance) Life Miles. An absolute bargain.

I’m admittedly feeling a little bit special; out of the 8 available First Class seats only 2 including mine are occupied, so the attention to detail is quite overwhelming.

The seat is huge (and I thought SQ’s Business Class seats were insanely big) – practically an oversized sofa. And the screen is as big as one you might find in the living room of a small apartment.

The service begins with an introduction of the flight attendants and an offering of a pre-takeoff drink. I decide on a glass of Dom Perignon (even though it is 8am in the morning – how can one refuse?) and warm honeyed walnuts – a real treat.

I start watching a new release spy movie, ‘Mile 22’ starring Mark Wahlberg which is impressive on the large screen.

For my breakfast I have chosen the Baked Smoked Salmon Quiche with Seared Salmon Fillet served with parsnip puree, asparagus, mesclun and basil oil. Another glass of Champagne (but this time with orange juice – heresy and a double espresso with steamed milk tops it off.

For the rest of the short 2 hour flight I lay back and enjoy watching the movie.

Rating: 9.5/10

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