Flight Review: NH871 – HND – CGK

I am sitting in non-assigned bulkhead seat 5A (having requested a move from 2A) on this ANA B-787 aircraft bound for Jakarta. My new seat is in the front of the second cabin of Business Class and this cabin is practically empty. The seat itself is not like many other Asian airline Business Class seats in that it does not fully recline into a lie-flat position. Nonetheless it is very comfortable. In terms of seat adjustability, interestingly, there are only 2 buttons to press, which makes sense, unlike many others that have every position pre-programmed for some strange reason. Ah Japan – minimalism at its best 😜.

Service doesn’t begin until after take-off. So no preflight drinks (dont need one anyway) not hot towel. Both come after the seatbelt sign turns off . I have a Kir Royal and this comes with some Japanese snacks.

Although breakfast is served 2 hours before landing, I elect to have it immediately after take-off so I can sleep as much as possible. I choose the Japanese menu at only just under 500 calories (or so it states in the menu).

Immediately after my meal I extend the seat to its furthest position and sleep for an hour or so before waking up with a terrible pins and needles feeling in my leg. The seat in this position is incredibly uncomfortable but I was too tired to realise. I try again and sleep on and off for the next few hours.

I’m not sure if it is because it is a night flight or a Japanese airline that I have not flown for so long and have forgotten, but the service is minimal at best. Just overall sterility.

Maybe I just didn’t sleep as well as expected.

Rating: 7/10

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