Lounge Review: ANA Lounge, Haneda

This is a huge lounge and the first thing I notice at check-in is that the showers are full and there are 11 people waiting in front of me. I quickly give my boarding pass, and given a beeper in return, and politely asked to wait.

Whilst waiting I find a space to sit in the busy lounge and head to the buffet. I am not particularly hungry but I have a few bits and pieces paired with sake from the sake bar selection.

I am actually quite bored, have a coffee and sweet potato Danish, and mope around waiting for the beeper to buzz. It doesn’t so I go to the counter and am told I am next in line and given a swipy card.

The shower is well equipped and I enjoy a good 20 minutes only to be told on exiting that boarding for my flight has been delayed.

More to come…..

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