Flight Review: KQ887 – BKK – NBO

I am sitting in Business class seat 2F on this Kenya Airlines Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner bound for Nairobi. The seat is spacious, with generous width, and reclines into a fully-flat bed. The bed becomes my sanctuary for 6.5 out of the just over 8 hour flight. As the flight leaves on time at 1.30am, as soon as the flight takes-off I fall into a deep sleep.

About 2 hours before landing I can hear some gentle ‘good morning’s coming from the cabin. Having missed the late night meal, I am ready for breakfast, which is a simple cornflakes cereal, fruits platter, assorted pastries, choice of 2 Entrees, and that world famous Kenyan coffee. I choose the omelette which turns out to be a spinach omelette with additional creamed spinach on the side. That’s a lot of spinach!Its ok.

The service overall which I only receive for a couple of hours in the morning is very warm, but very disjointed. Small tho he but you can see the comparison with Asian airlines. For example when the bread basket is brought around there is no plate to put the pastry on, so a saucer is used. Or I am not offered a drink or water with my breakfast etc.

I don’t use the AV system nor the amenity pack given but there are a cute pair of Tiger-print socks which I’ll keep for the novelty.

As I have fractured my finger in my right hand and cannot write, one of the flight attendants agrees to assist me in filling out my immigration form.

Rating: 8/10

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