Lounge review: Miracle First Class Lounge, opposite gate D6, BKK.

It’s been a while since I was last here. Although tonight I have access to the Air France Lounge, my gate is D6 so this Lounge is perfect.

I have two hours to spare and I decide tonight as it is late and I’m tired, I am only going to use one Lounge. As soon as I hand over my priority pass, I make my way to the buffet section and find a seat at the counter. As I have fractured my hand, I go to the kitchen area and request the shift to make me some roast duck on rice. I complement this with two glasses of Rose Brut champagne. Both the duck and the champagne are delicious.

After about an hour of checking emails and searching the internet, I crossed over to the business class Lounge and take a look at what’s around. There is no major difference this Lounge is slightly more crowded minus the Brut Rose champagne.

My flight is boarding in approximately 30 minutes so I slowly make my way across the hall to gate D6 for my Kenya Airways flight Bound for Nairobi.


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