Lounge Review: The Pier, HKIA

Having given Cathay’s new ‘The Deck’ a go, and then ‘The Wing’, I have come to the conclusion that this is the best CX lounge at HKIA. ‘The Deck’ is crowded, small, limiting. ‘The Wing’ needs an overhaul. ‘The Pier’ is huge, has pretty good service, an excellent selection of food and drinks, and showers with Aesop products.

I walked about a kilometer within the terminal to gate 65 where the lounge is located, and immediately go to the semi-buffet first section where I order a piece of coffee cake, baked sago and coconut pudding, and a tuna salad on brown grain bread roll. Th portions are tiny so it is really just a taster.

Next is the bar where I order a straight Vodka Martini which helps to wash down all the food.

I later skip straight past the signature noodle bar; opting for a signature Rooibos tea and fresh mixed juice instead, and….Portuguese Egg tart :).

This is followed by a refreshing shower with the fabulous Australian Aesop products.

And NOW I’m ready to board my flight.

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