Double Lounge Review: SkyTeam Business Lounge, and Oman Airlines First and Business Lounge, BKK

Weirdly I am transiting in the city I live in, Bangkok, having just arrived from Hong Kong and about to go on to Singapore. As I have about 90 minutes to kill I decide to revisit these lounges for a quick evening bite.

The first – SkyTeam – is very quiet – only a handful of passengers are here. But I choose a seat close to the buffet and help myself to a few small morsels and a glass of French Champagne (AirFrance is part of SkyTeam after all).

I seriously only spend 30 mins here and decide to quickly see what’s on offer in the nearby Oman Air Lounge (also Priority Pass)….

….and glad I do as the food here is awesome! Chicken Shish Kabab, Hummus, Pita Breads, deep fried Mediterranean shrimp, garlic dips – all amazing Middle Eastern food, Rose Chandon! Basically diet starts tomorrow. Seriously. It’s been a crazy day of eating.

Both lounges have their merits. Wifi is strong, business facilities, atmosphere etc. The former is definitely larger, and less crowded, but the latter has much better food and alcohol selections.

But for me – overall, Oman Air Lounge wins!

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