Lounge Review: DNATA Lounge, T1, Changi

Despite it’s ambiguous name, the DNATA Lounge at T1 is excellent, catering to OneWorld passengers on Finnair and JAL together with Priority Pass members like myself (although if I was flying OneWorld I would head for the Qantas Lounge).

I find a quiet spot and make my way as I always do to the buffet to sniff out the selection. I am happy to see Beef Provincial which I enjoy with a sweet potato colored melody and a glass of French red Pinot. This is followed by a double Macchiato, green tea mousse, and a chocolate Brownie. Absolutely do not need this but I checked my weight a few days ago and at 175 cms with +\- 62 kgs, a bit of carbs won’t kill me 😜.

The lounge seems to have quite a few Japanese guests, hence the Udon noodles and Japanese selection at the buffet. I thought there was a dedicated JAL lounge at Changi like BKK but perhaps not?

Like most lounges there is little atmosphere – would a little lounge music really kill the already dead atmosphere? I can’t see any computer terminals on my round of the lounge but the dedicated wifi is strong.

After about 30 minutes I leave to board my flight.

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