Flight Review: TG401 – BKK – SIN

I am sitting in seat 62H, and aisle seat, on this Boeing 777-300 Thai Airways aircraft bound for Singapore. This seat is probably the best in Economy and receives a ‘green’ mark on seatguru.com thanks to the fact that there is no seat in front of it, allowing for unlimited legroom.

The flight itself is relatively empty and I have an empty row to utilize for myself. But I stay in my assigned seat for the duration of the flight.

The meal service begins shortly after the seatbelt sign is extinguished. On today’s flight there is a choice of ‘chicken noodle’ or ‘fish ball green Curry’. I go for the chicken and it is delicious. It comes with a seafood and cucumber entree and Thai rice dessert. I have this with a glass of red one (actually 2) and finish with a coffee.

During the flight I watch ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ – well 3/4 of it as the inflight service stops 30 mins before we land.

Overall it is a pleasant flight and we land on time.

Rating: 8/10

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