Flight Review: TG409 – BKK – SIN

I am sitting in emergency exit seat 40C on this Thai Airways Boeing 777-300ER bound for Singapore. My Silver status is not the reason. I simply ask at check-in and the seat is allocated with a smile.

On the point of me being Silver status. This is really a pet peeve with me. Since Nov 2017, I have flown over 30 legs with Thai and/or Star Alliance yet I am still unable to reach Gold status. Apparently this is because of the class of fare I fly – generally 'W' or 'X' – so to me it seems like a 'class fare' reward program opposed to a 'frequent flyer' reward program.

Nonetheless almost immediately after the seat belt signs are aturned off, my pre-ordered Seafood meal is brought to me and although it is the same seafood pasta main I always get, it still looks nicer than the mass meals everyone else eventually received. The smoked salmon and potato salad goes well with my warm wholemeal roll, and the dessert is delicious. A glass of wine and a green tea later, and I am happily stretched out in my seat watching a movie – the title which I forget about a child who is a genius mathematician. Unfortunately I don't get to finish the movie as the flight is under two hours.

Service is friendly, quick, and and efficient throughout the short flight, and I am offered a drink a number of times. Perhaps I am mistaken as a Gold frequently flier as I am in an Emergency Exit seat ? 😳😜.

Rating: 9/10 (it was actually the best Economy-class TG flight I have flown thus far).

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