Flight Review: ZH9001 – SZN – BKK

IMG_1322[2]On this return leg from Shenzhen to Bangkok, I am again sitting in seat 5D on this Shenzhen Airline Boeing 737-800 aircraft bound for Bangkok. This time around, the flight is near-full, and we have the additional enjoyment of the China Women’s Basketball team with us (stretched out in Business class), and the Captain warmly welcomes them on board  just before take-off. Although my row is full, there is ample leg room for my standard seat – more than SQ or TG offers.

Again there is no audio-visual screen on this flight but my trusty iPad is with me and I realise that I am slowly getting very addicted to Korean dramas…


IMG_1325[1]The service on this flight is exceptional. Every request is met with a smile and the flight attendants just really seem to genuinely enjoy their job (on this flight anyway). Drinks come around first, and I order a glass of French red and a water. Shortly after this the main meal is served, and there is a choice of either fish or chicken with rice. I go for the fish and glad I do as it is delicious. Fruit and yogurt comprise of dessert, and after another glass of red I am satisfied and get back to my iPad.

The on board announcements and safety videos are quite quirky; a child is dressed in a flight attendant’s uniform and instructs passengers (children dressed as adults) on the safety procedures should an emergency take place. For the announcements, they are formal and regulatory in nature, with unusual English expressions yet spoken by a native British speaker. I guess the talent was amused as he was reading the script.

Nonetheless it is an almost faultless flight (shame about no AV).

Rating: 8.5/10

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