Flight Review: ZH9004 – BKK – ZHN

I am sitting in seat 5D, an aisle seat, on this Airbus (A?) 320 Shenzhen Airlines flight bound for Shenzhen.

It is a fairly clean cabin and I am warmly welcomed onboard by the flight attendants at the entrance as I make my way to my seat.

It is quite an empty flight – about 50% full/empty and I am lucky that I have 3 seats to myself to stretch out and relax for the 2.5 hour flight.

As I sit down in my assigned seat I notice disappointingly, but not surprisingly, that there is no AV screen available, so luckily I have downloaded the next 4 episodes of the Korean drama I am currently watching to keep me entertained.

The cabin is a little cold and request a blanket which is brought over almost immediately. I am also offered an English newspaper which I accept.

A meal service is shortly brought out – it is delicious – a noodle dish which I enjoy with a couple of glasses of red.

All in all a surprisingly easy flight.

Rating: 8/10

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