Lounge Review: Qantas International Lounge Changi, T1

Always a pleasure to come to this lounge. A rarity lately as I no longer live here.

I actually know the young lady checking me in – an ex-collegue from a previous position.

I head straight for the bar before I sit down and order a dirty Martini. Nice. Soon after I find a seat a waitress comes over and asks if I would like another. I go for an Espresso Martini this time. Very nice.

My partner soon arrives and we make our way to the dining area where I am surprised to note it doesn’t seem to be a Neil Perry menu anymore. Perhaps the relationship has soured? 

Nonetheless there is a delicious menu on offer as well as an enticing buffet which includes some Korean delights. I go all out (including dessert) and end with an Old Fashioned.

I contemplate a shower but after internal deliberation decide I can’t be bothered. The flight is only 2.5 hours. I’ll survive.

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